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Sat., Feb. 25th - Adventure Aquarium Trip

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On Sat., February 25th, we will be going to the Adventure Aquarium, Camden NJ. Here is the link so you can preview the facility -

We will be meeting at the Bordentown station, in Bordentown, NJ at 0930. The train will depart the station at 0955 and will arrive at the aquarium at 1048 (it’s a 53 minute long train ride). One way fare is $1.60 for adults and 75 cents for children. You can purchase pickets on the platform. If you go the website below and print the coupon you will save $2.00 on admission. 

Regular admission is $26.95 minus $2.00= $24.95

Children 2-12  $19.95-$2.00= $17.95. These prices are printed on the ticked pages. 

After we return to Bordentown, I was thinking about going out to the Town & Country Diner for dinner. Please advise me if you are attending, and how many will be coming with you so I know who will be joining us.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for those who have already responded. I hope I have answered all your questions.

Looks like a fun place to

Looks like a fun place to visit. Have fun!