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Project Linus Blanket Delivery - Sat, Dec. 3rd

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The Lady Riders recently held their Tea and Crafting day, with several charity projects that they worked on.
We are happy to announce that 39 Stockings for Soldiers were delivered along with other items that had been requested by the organization, to Stony Brook Sew & Vac, who is coordinating the Dover Chapter event.
This Saturday, at noon, the Lady Riders are meeting at Stony Brook Sew and Vac Center, 191 Route 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505. What is being delivered? Over 80 blankets for Project Linus! Come and join up with them as they present them to the Mercer County Coordinator, Cindy Rosen, and hear about where the blankets will be going. Following the delivery, they will be heading to lunch, with the location to be determined. Please reach out to Judy Smith ( and let her know if you will be coming.
The following week, they will also be delivering several bags of blankets to the Vineland Veterans Home. 
Thank you to all of the supporters and participants of Chapter D's Lady Riders group for making 2016 a memorable year.

Thank you the the ladies and

Thank you the the ladies and gents who helped make all of these beautiful blankets and to those who came to help deliver them to the Mercer County Chapter of Project Linus. We were able to provide 90 blankets to them, and more are always needed. We collect blankets all year long, so if you missed this delivery, don't worry, there will be another one. 

A special thank you to my husband Tim, who helped wash the blankets and packed the car for me and to Judy Smith who came to my house to help sort, label and bag them. Without their help, this would have taken me hours to do.