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Saturday-Sept 10th - Medieval Times

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Here ye, hear ye! Squires and maids, let it be known that on September 10th  at 5:00 pm we have a special night planned for our Chapter, so invite your family and friends to join up with us.

I spoke with the King Tobiason of Medievel Times and he has assured me that we will be treated like royalty. Our chariots will be up front of the castle and we will be given the royal treatment.

What and where is Medieval Times? It is located in north Jersey, Lyndhurst. The event is held in a large castle. We will be served dinner and will be entertained by them as they have their tournament. It's a lot of fun.

Here is a link to their website -

All that I ask is that I have a head count no later than September 2nd. The king has arranged for our special seating - all for a low price of $35.00/person. He will get back to me about prices for children.  If you are interested please contact Timmy Casaday.