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New York Ride In - Cortland, NY - June 3-6

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Each year the New York District holds a "Ride-In" to kick off the riding season and a "Ride-Out" to celebrate the year of riding and events.

This year Chapter D, our sister Chapter, and Chapter T are the sponsors of the event. It's being held in an awesome location in central New York.  The host hotel is Hope Lake Lodge ( has so many things to do, you won't know where to begin, but you can go zip lining, ride a coaster down the mountain or take a ride up the mountain in the chair lift. There's also mountain biking and swimming. 

The Chapters have arranged for a Meet & Greet Friday night at 8 and on Saturday they've planned rides and events to keep you busy, with a BBQ lunch. The registration cost is only $25 ($30 after 5/1).

Thinking about going? Reach out to Judy Smith for our meeting place. Some of us are heading up on Friday and returning to New Jersey on Sunday. The flyer is also located on our website under Flyers and Forms. Hope you'll be able to join up with us. 

What a great trip. We met up

What a great trip. We met up with the folks who were going to the NY ride in at the PA travelers rest area off Interstate 80 at 4:30 PM. This was a rest break and a time to watch the weather and refresh our need for fluids. KSU were up at 5:45 PM the weather was looking great for us to travel on.

We arrive at our destination around 8:20 PM to be greeted by the District Direct and other members from New York chapters. 

Saturday we got up bight and early to be lead thru beautiful winding roads over to the CNY Power Sports Dealership. We arrived around 11:15 AM what a great ride lead by Rick Reardon Chapter D NY. CNY Power Sport Honda did a wonderful job of hosting this event. We had every kind of BBQ you could possible ask for with delious side dish. Fresh homemade ice cream. No extra charge all included in a $25.00 dollar registration. They had the seat off  one of the Wing bike and showed so much from the bikes computer system and the process of diagnosis of issues. Mike the manager of the service department did a super job of explaining and showing the internal nut and bolts of the bike. All we could say was Wow.  They also had a professional helmet fitter there. Not to sell helmets but to make sure we understand the proper fitting of our helmets. He did the shape of the head to the vendor of choice for the type of helmet we should wear for our head type. He demonstrated the importance of why the helmet should fit a certain way in case of and accident.  Wow was I blown away. Very worth while trip and lots of information to share at our next gathering. 

It is a very nice big shop and for us a worth while drive to a large store with lots of goodies.

Thanks to everyone who inquired about the trip and to those who traveled with us this made it a special kick off to the riding season.