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Our website is a "closed" venue, meaning that only members can post. Anyone who visits our website can see our information, but they cannot post to it. This avoids having people who have nothing to due with GWRRA posting information on our site. So what can you post? Under Active Forum Topics - also know as D Notes, let us know if you're comint to an event, about pick up rides, events, questions about your bike, travel information, well....pretty much anything.

Have you signed up? If not, create a user name - we prefer your first name and last initial of your last name. We will receive a request and then approve you. Have more than one person in your household that would like to participate? No problem, but they need to be different email addresses.

You may also notice that we do not list email address, but rather, provide them as hyperlinks both on the website and in our newsletter. This helps prevent spammers from obtainning information as well.

We are in the process of obtainning a secure mail server that prohibits spammers as well. Once it is up and running, members of Chapter D can email to all members without having to type in all the email addresses. This will be great for last minute changes, pick up rides, events you'd like to promote, and questions you may have (sometimes you run in to an issue with your bike or accessory and can post for some feedback or assistance). Now if we could only get the weather to cooperate!

Let us know how we can better improve our website and additional information you'd like to see.


Are you signed up but forgot

Are you signed up but forgot your user name or password? Scroll down the page and look on the right hand side for User Login. This is where you can create a new account and change your password. 

Still having an issue? Reach out to either Judy or Desi and they can create an account for you.