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Sign Up for Lady Riders weekend Delaware

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Please sign up for the Delaware Lady Riders weekend.  We would like to have a head count.  So please sign in and post a note or send me an email at

Our plan is to leave Friday March 23, 2012 in the afternoon.

But we need to see the number of ladies who will be joining us.

I am going for sure. Margaret is planning some great things for us to check out. So come on ladies please sign up.




What a great weekend for the

What a great weekend for the lady riders of Chapter D. If you missed out on it talk to someone who went and find out how much fun we had.

Margaret was the perfect hostess and the rest of us chimed in on enjoying ourselves and having fun.

We went to the Assateague State Park in Maryland to learn about the horse's running wild on the beach and the marine life in this state park. This was a fantastic trip and look forward to returning again. We did some antique shopping and some beach shopping so there was fun for everyone. Some of us even walked on the beach  in the misty rain and wind. And some of us did our best to stay out of the outhouses! So if you want to know more just ask us.

Thank you again for everyone’s support in making this a fun filled weekend.





Ladies I am going and looking


I am going and looking forward to a great weekend!  Food for thought and comments.

Travel plan if you have any or suggestions please post so we know who how and direction your plans are.

Food thoughts are appreciated and any suggestions please post or email me so I can put it out there for everyone.

I know this is early but as fast as time if passing our date will be here before we know it.



Would like to leave somewhere

Would like to leave somewhere between 4:30-5. I'll bring snacks, bread, coffee and some games as it looks like the weather may have us indoors. Looking forward to the ride down and a great weekend.

I'm planning on going, but

I'm planning on going, but don't know what time I'm leaving. Looking foward to spending the weekend with "The Chicks".