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Lady Rider Bowling & Dinner

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Ladies Rider

On Saturday February 11th please come and join us for an afternoon of bowling and fun to follow with dinner at the Red Robin in Hamilton.

We will meet 1 PM in the Hamilton Lanes Bowling Center:


Sat, 02/11/2012 - 1:00pm - 5:30pm

Oh to be a kid again...seems

Oh to be a kid again...seems like bowling brings out the teenager in all of us. There was so much laughing going on, you'd think we'd be banned from going there again. A few flurries didn't keep anyone away and the group grew as we met at Red Robin for lunch. The poor waitress had to deal with fourteen hungry people. We shared stories and just had a ball. Thank you for organizing the event and we're looking forward to our next adventure!

 Thank you for such a

 Thank you for such a wonderful time at the Lady Rider event today. Great time at bowling and the fellowship for a bite at the Red Robin.  Wow what great food and some fun laughs. 

Thank you all for coming out for a fun time together.



I'll be there and maybe the

I'll be there and maybe the mister too! He loves to go to Red Robin. Yummmmm