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shirt / hat order

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We will be placing a chapter D shirt order during the first week of April. If
you wish to order any shirts and have not done so please contact me soon.
Shirts will be the current gun metal gray color with the newly redesigned
Chapter Logo screened on the left breast. T's will be 50/50 made by Gildan.
Sweats will be 10oz made by Gilden.
T Shirts              Small – XL     $14.00
                           XXL     $15.00
                           XXXL    $16.00
L/S T Shirt         Small –  XL    $16.00
                           XXL     $17.00
                           XXXL     $18.00
Polo Shirt            Small – XL   $21.00
                            XXL   $23.00

10oz Sweatshirt    Small –    XL   $19.75
                            XXL    $22.25
                            XXXL    $23.75
10oz Hoody          Small –   XL  $23.75
                            XXL  $26.25
                            XXXL  $27.75
Personalized names can be added $5.00 per item.
You can send your orders to me at   When you email I will send
you info for mailing payment.Payable to Chapter D.

WE HAVE HATS.... We now have hats available as well. These will be gray with the
chapter logo embroidered on them. They will be $17.00 each. The order will be
placed around April 20th, SO DON'T MISS OUT!!