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Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident -Join us at Sport Honda this Saturday March 5

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This Saturday, March 5th, from 11am to 3pm Sport Honda (Metuchen) in Cooperation with The New Jersey Gold Wing Road Riders Association and Rider Education of New Jersey will be hosting a FUN day of sharing safety oriented information for you, your family, and friends.


The information, while geared towards motorcyclists, is certainly not limited to them.  All cyclists of all ages need to “practice” safety in everything we do.  In addition to short seminars (including a GWRRA Co-Rider Seminar), videos and informative handouts, there will be demonstrations of proper helmet fitting, choosing proper safety clothing, and suggestions on making yourself more visible while riding.


Refresh your knowledge of how lane positions, attitude and your appearance combined with common sense and ability can make your motorcycling experience FUN and more enjoyable.  There will also be a table set up where we can all share some of our favorite rides, restaurants, and special roads.  Motorcycle enthusiasts, those interested in learning to ride, those just beginning to ride, and experienced motorcyclists can all explore the various opportunities for locally organized classroom and range training opportunities to learn, or enhance, riding techniques and skills.


Come talk to a number of vendors and organizations that can provide a variety of programs to you, your friends, and family who may be interested in any of the following:


Beginner Rider Training              Experienced Rider Training

CPR / First Aid Training             Group Riding

Co-Rider Seminar                      Trailering

Touring and Braking                   Riding Straight

Street Smarts                            Seasoned Rider

Sharing the Road


Special Sales, Special Pricing, Service Specials, and Free give-aways will be offered by Sport Honda during the event.  Sport Honda will be serving hot dogs as well as other snacks and have goodies for everyone to enjoy -- bring a friend, bring the family, bring em all!


Sport Honda is located at:

911 Middlesex Avenue

Metuchen N.J. 08840



Steve & Judy

Bri, We look forward to


We look forward to seeing you there.


What a great turnout! The

What a great turnout! The weather was nice for riding and many bikes showed up. Had the opportunity to see some members who haven't been around in a while. It's getting close to riding season, so check out your bike, let's get ready to roll down the road towards some good times, and spend it making memories with great friends!!!!