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What is the Lady Riders SIG and What Are They Doing?

 What is the Lady Riders SIG? It is a “Special Interest Group” that was formed by GWRRA to assist ladies in sharing information with other women who enjoy motorcycling. You can get answers to your questions about riding gear, learn about the pros/cons of riding your own bike, get hints on how to enjoy being a Co-Rider, travel and packing hints (with and without using a trailer), and just spending time together with other ladies, enjoying some laughs and good times.


To provide encouragement and peer support to women who ride, want to ride, who co-ride, and/or whose husband rides or used to ride.


To provide a positive image of women riders.


To make new friends, reconnect with current friends, share stories, have a good time riding, and participate in various fun activities!!!

You do not need to own your own bike or ride your own bike to participate. All that’s needed is a desire to come out and have a good time. Yes, some events will be on bikes, but you are welcome to come by car to any or all events. Bring along a friend…..the more the merrier (these events are not exclusive to members of GWRRA or motorcyclists).

Nancy Casady, Sue Jakob, Margaret Sherman, Sharon Pastre, Desi Smith and Judy Smith are the coordinators of this group for 2017, and have put together some ideas and activities. There is no participation requirement, so you choose how many and which events suit your time and lifestyle. Some of the events are riding, some are social, and some are charitable events. Events are open to everyone. You don’t need to be a member of Chapter D, or GWRRA, or even have a motorcycle. Our goal is to have at least one event per month that you can participate in.

We also believe in participating in Charitable Events. For 2017 we will be selecting the charities later in the year.  Some of the charities we've supported in the past have been Habitat for Humanity, Vineland Veteran's Home, NJ Food Bank, Project Linus, Open Door, Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Save The Turtles Run, Mother's For Daughters Cancer Weekend, Lighthouse Tour Weekend and Red Helmet (Fallen Firefighters Memorial) Weekend. We will need everyone’s support (men, women, friends and family) to make our events successful.

With more ladies riding their own bikes, we will also be heading out on some rides. We’re going to be asking for suggestions and volunteers to help plan those, so let any of the Lady Rider Coordinators know your interests and suggestions for other events. 

All of our events will be posted and updated on our website under the Lady Riders tab where flyers, instructions for projects, and other items can be found.

Sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Then let any of the following ladies know what you’re ready to come out for as well as bringing to them any other suggestions! To be included on our email list, contact Judy. Don’t be shy now…grab your keys  and let’s get ready for some FUN!!!!  Click on the name to send an email.

Nancy Casaday - 609-571-7715

Sue Jakob -

Sharon Pastre - 609-658-3893

Margaret Sherman - 908-337-2635 

Judy Smith - 973-476-2996

Desi Smith -908-489-0242

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