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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Q: How can I get a login to the Chapter D website?
    A: In the “User Login” box on the left side is a link that says “Create New Account.” Click that link then fill out the form with your e-mail address and username (of your own choosing) and click the submit button. That sends an e-mail to the webmaster who will approve the account for recognized GWRRA members, friends and family or potential members. Those not recognized will be contacted to be sure that spammers, hackers, etc are not attempting to gain access to our site.   Once the Webmaster approves your account, you receive an e-mail with a one time use password link.  Click on it, and it will take you to the site where you will set your own password.
  • Q: I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?
    A: In the “User Login” box on the left side is a link that says “Request new password.” Click that link then fill out the requested info (either your e-mail address or your username) and a one time use password link will be sent to you via the e-mail address that you have provided.  Then you can change your password to one of your liking.
  • Q: Who can get a login to the Chapter D website?
    A: We truly want all GWRRA members, friends, family to have full access to the site and be able to say hello and participate in our site, so anyone can view the general content of the website. 
  • Q: How can I post to the D-Notes forum?
    A: While anyone can read D-Notes, we only allow registered users to post to the site, so please login or request a login. Once you are logged in, from the top box on the left site, please click on the link that says “Create Content” then select “D-Notes.” Fill out the Subject line, select D-Notes from the “Forums” drop down list, then fill out the “Body” with the meat of your Article. You can attach photos and files up to 2mb in size to your post then either Preview or Submit your article. (There are a lot of things you can do to format your article that you can explore including bold, italics, tables, numbered and bulleted lists as well as lie URLs.) You can go back afterward and edit or delete your own posts after the fact.
  • Q: Can I add pictures or other files to my post?
    A: Yes. There are buttons on the “Create D-Notes” form for those purposes. Files must be less than 2 MB in size.
  • Q: Do I need any special software to post articles to D-Notes?
    A: No. All content can be added and edited through the built-in editor.
  • Q: Do I have to use the built-in editor?
    A: Kind of. You could author and format your D-Notes Post, comment, or other content for the site in any editor of your choice, such as Microsoft Word, then paste it into the editor. Most of the formatting will be retained, but we do not accept all HTML tags at this time.
  • Q: How does the new D-Notes handle “dirty URLs?”
    A: The old D-Notes used to have a problem with some URLs that had spaces, or other special characters. We have tested the new site and have found no similar problems. 
  • Q: What should I do if I have questions about the site?
    A: You are already doing it by reading the FAQs. If you need further help, please contact the Webmaster at . There is also a contact form available on the menu toolbar above where anyone can direct questions regarding the site, membership, or you can contact the Chapter Director.
  • Q: Who can see the content on the site?
    A: Everyone can read the content on the site but will need a login to post content. For that reason (and many others) please do not post flames, derogatory comments, offensive pictures or other inappropriate content on the site.
  • Q: What should I do if I see flames, derogatory comments, offensive pictures or other inappropriate content on the site?
    A: Please copy the URL and send it to the Webmaster and the Chapter Director so the content can be edited or removed as deemed necessary.
  • Q: Are there plans for future updates to the site?
    A: You bet!! Some of the ideas that we are looking at include mapping and coordinates being incorporated into our calendar for rides, a classified ad section, individual staff pages, and some enhancements to our links page. We may look at some RSS enhancements, and some additional views for events.
  • Q: What should I do if I see something broken on the site, have a suggestion for a future release, or improvement to the site?
     A: We sure don't have all the good ideas, so please let us know how we can improve the site. Send an e-mail to with your comments and ideas.
  • Q: Who can edit and delete content?
    A: A member can edit their own D-Notes articles as well as comments to those articles. Members can delete their own posts (D-Notes Articles) but not their comments to posts.

We are looking to see if there is some way for a member to delete their own comment (response to a post.) In the meantime, you can edit your response and you could leave an appropriate edit such as "sorry, posted to wrong article" or something similar if you've made an error on your comment.
Additionally, Webmaster, CD and ACD all full content control, and all can delete edit or delete any content.

  • Q: How can I can I delete my D-Notes Article?
    A: Click on Edit for an article that you created, scroll down to the bottom, and there is a link there that says "Delete." It takes you to an "AYS page" (Are You Sure Page.) There is no 'undo button" so please be sure. When the article is deleted, all the comments linked to the article are also gone.


  • Q: Do you have any step-by-step directions that I can print out?

     A: There is a file attached below that you can open and print.

New Chapter D Website Directions.pdf977.82 KB